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Running Recon

Okay, so anyone thats seen my instagram or had convos with me knows im a sucker for MACV-SOG. The OG recondos that did the deed in the dark in Laos and Cambodia during the Vietnam War.

Ive read countless biographies, novels, short stories, interviews, first hand accounts, and the manuals that have came from these men and the other RECON units of the era; and i think you should too.


Well outside of the sheer awesomeness of this info, think about what you and your group really are. Your a small (most likely) group, out and about gathering information, with little to no long term logistical support or backup. Any contact you get in to will (most likely and hopefully) be an ambush of your own initiation. You will have what you carry with you to fight, and the man to your right or left to fight with.

This isnt solely in regards to guerrilla warfare. The prepared citizen and partisan could and most likely will be faced with the same circumstances during security patrols and reconnaissance gathering expeditions (your gonna want to know whats going on around you, or bury your head in the dirt and see which route gets you further).

So what can we learn from these information sources? Lots.

1- TTPs (tactics, techniques, procedures) for fighting as a small unit, fighting at night, navigation, concealment of spoor/anti tracking.

2- Uniform/clothing considerations

3- Weapon set up and considerations

4- Field gear. What you need and what can be left at home.

5- SUT. Small Unit Tactics

and so much more.

This post isnt a “how to” for being recon. Nor is it me telling you to go get your LRRP LARP on (or do, super good times). Id be doing you a disservice by spoon feeding you the information. Instead im going to give a brief reading list to get you started down the rabbit hole. Its on you to learn the info. Enjoy:

1- Special Reconnaissance and Advanced Small Unit Patrolling by Lieutenant Colonel Ed Wolcoff

2- Across the Fence by John Stryker Meyer

3- On the Ground by John Stryker Meyer

4- Recondo by Larry Chambers

5- Six Silent Men by Reynel Martinez

6- SOG by John L Plaster

7- Secret Commandos by John L Plaster

8- Whispers in the Tall Grass by Nick Brokhausen

9- B-52 Jungle Recon Tips of the Trade

10- RECONDO 1970 Recon Team Manual

This is only a short list. I highly suggest you research this topic on your own. Also listen to the SOGcast podcast done by John Stryker Meyer. These legends are leaving this world and he is doing his best to interview them and get their words to us.



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