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Camouflage and Concealment

In a recent post I made, I touched on camouflage and Concealment. From bird watching to hunting, it has taught me some key factors and they apply to anything involving camo and concealment. So what are the differences? Concealment is the act of hiding something, covering it and removing it from sight. Camouflage is the act of making something less visible. The 5 S's can help with that. The 5 I've learned over the years are:

1.) Shadows. How exposed something is because of lighting conditions and light refraction. This can include how shiny something is to how dark something is. For example, something dark in a field of light colors will stick out

2.)Surface. This refers to color, pattern, and texture. Pictured in an owl next to a tree. Something perfectly blended notice how it into this tree's surface because of the color, texture, and patter.

3.) Shape or silhouette. The term sky lining comes to mind. While having high ground has many advantages, it also has one giant disadvantage, and that's silhouette. It's important to have things behind you and in front of you in all directions. If this is not possible, stay low and worry about the next key S.

4.) Slow or stationary. Speed will not only kill your chases of seeing game but will also get you seen and maybe kill your chances of...well everything. Mobility is survivability but not in the game of camouflage and Concealment. Slow and steady will get meat in your freezer and will have you harder to spot. Simple as.

5.) Scent. Not just with animals, but have you ever been stationary on a trail and you can smell someone before you see them? The staunch aroma of patchouli mixed with detergent festers the air before you even hear or see them. Now imagine who or what downwind of you can smell. It is important in the game of camo and concealment to reduce this.

Now there will be some differences doctrinally between this "outdoorsman" approach on this topic and how the military views it. As a civilian, it is important to view both and take what applies and toss aside what doesn't. These days, everything seems to apply right down to thermal camo. This will be the last time I touch on this topic as it is too broad and too dynamic to really talk about outside of a foundational stand point. -Buddy

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